Empowering Gratitude Exercise

Did you know that research shows that gratitude increases happiness and decreases depression?

With such great benefits of practicing gratitude, no wonder that it is a hot topic these days!

There's so many different ways to practice gratitude in your own reflection as a therapist, with supervisees, or with clients or families!

Today's post will teach you one of my favorite gratitude exercises to use yourself, with supervisees, or in your work as a therapist!

1. List 3-5 things that you are grateful for

2. How does each of the things you have listed make you feel?

3. How can you create more of these feelings moving forward?

4. How can you re-create the same feelings for others?

I love this exercise because it not only helps the individual work on giving thanks, but helps to explore other feelings connected to gratefulness and how to spread the good vibes to others!

Until next time, Play On!

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