Therapeutic Games to Use in Child Therapy

Although there are some amazing ways to adapt classic games to use in child therapy, there are also some spot on therapeutic games to use in child therapy as well!

Today's post continues on our toys in play therapy series by sharing with you some awesome games that are made specifically for child therapy!

Looking for the blog posts rest of the toys in play therapy series? Check out my posts on the three categories of Child Centered Play Therapy toys: real life toys, expressive/creative toys, and aggressive/emotional release toys and my post on classic games to use in child therapy to bring yourself up to speed!

Now that you're prepped....



Let's get to playing!


Why have games for play therapy? Games are an awesome way to bring to life so many skills that are worked on in child therapy.

Games can help you support your kiddo clients in working on teamwork, problem solving, turn taking, increasing frustration tolerance, coping skills, communication skills, self-esteem, emotional identification, and so much more!!

What are some therapeutic games to have in your child therapy office?

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Until next time, Play On!

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