Teach Your Child Clients About Trauma With This Free Intervention

When providing trauma therapy for children, it is so important to provide your clients with psychoeducation about trauma.

Part of that education should be about the trauma (or stress) response that results in "flight," "fight," or "freeze."

Today's post will provide a great intervention with a FREE download to help your clients learn more about the trauma response and how it relates to them.

Prior to the session, grab my FREE download of FLIGHT FIGHT FREEZE, and cut them out so that you and your client are all ready to go!

To start the intervention, tell your client that you will be learning about about how our bodies respond to stress or trauma.

For example, if we hear a loud noise outside the door, we're going to react. We're either going to jump and run to see what's outside the door (which would be FIGHT), go still (FREEZE) or hide in the corner of the room (FLIGHT).

Tell the client that we will be sorting the different responses of the body to help identify which is body response is FIGHT, which is FLIGHT, and which is FREEZE.

Take out the FLIGHT FIGHT FREEZE cards and work through each of the responses with the child.

This intervention provides a great opportunity for therapists to discuss with the child why a certain reaction is FLIGHT, FIGHT, or FREEZE in addition to which behaviors the child demonstrates.

I hope this intervention is helpful for you and your work with child who have experienced a high level of stress or trauma.

Until next time, Play on!

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