Are you interested in adding more play into your therapy practice? Below you can download my FREE resources that provide helpful tips, tricks, and interventions to amp up your psychotherapy practice with the power of play! 


4 in 1 Therapeutic Jenga

Customize your Jenga set to help your clients work on coping skills, anger management, and more!


Play Therapy Note Checklist

Make documentation that much easier by using this play therapy progress note checklist!

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Flight Fight Freeze Sort

Make trauma psychoeducation more fun for your clients with this free activity focused on trauma reactions

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Mindful Games for Kids

Mindfulness is all the rage right now (and rightfully so!) Help your child clients start a kid friendly mindfulness practice with these fun games!

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Simon Says Prompts

Help your clients learn listening skills, impulse control, and self-control with this free download!


How to Set Up Your Play Therapy Private Practice

Get the ultimate checklist that includes exactly what you need to start you play therapy private practice

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Back To School Worksheet

Kids have so many thoughts and feelings in regards to going back to school. Help support them with the transition using this free worksheet!

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Child Therapy Supply List

Want to know the best toys, games, and books for child therapy? Click here to get the ultimate supply list today!